Development Cooperation

Since 2017 we have carried out international development cooperation projects with a very clear objective: to contribute to, achieve and promote Food Sovereignty in the territories where we work, which is currently Mozambique, more specifically in the province of Sofala, located in the center of this African country.

The right to food is a fundamental right of all human beings and no one should suffer from hunger. Unfortunately, according to data from the United Nations Organization for World Food and Agriculture (FAO), since 2015 world hunger continues to grow. In in 2017 821 millions of people went hungry, levels that had not been reached for almost a decade.

In Azada Verde we believe that the right to food can only be secured in a system where Food Sovereignty is guaranteed.

Food Sovereignty is a concept introduced by Via Campesina (Rome, 1996) and was brought to public debate at the World Food Summit, offering an alternative to neoliberal 

“Food Sovereignty is the right of peoples, communities and countries to define their own agricultural, pastoral, labor, fishing, food and agriculture policies that are ecologically, socially, economically and culturally appropriate to their exclusive circumstances. This includes the right to food and food production, which means that all peoples have the right to have food and resources for the production of safe, nutritious and culturally appropriate food, as well as the ability to support themselves and their societies”. 

Text of “Food sovereignty: a right for all”, Political declaration of the NGO / CSO Forum for Food Sovereignty. Rome, June 2002.

Food Sovereignty is a process in the construction of social movements and a way to empower people to organize and transcend the neoliberal vision of the world on commodities, markets and economic actors.

There is no solution to the infinite number of complex problems that we face in today’s world. Instead, Food Sovereignty is a process that adapts to the people and places where it is put into practice. It means solidarity, not competition, and also the construction of a fairer world from the bottom up.

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