People must be able to access, in an equitable, democratic, fair and solidary manner, the common resources and assets necessary for their social and human development.
Natural resources must be recognized as the “collective inheritance of the planet”, conserving them, regenerating them, and managing them in a sustainable way, disconnected from mercantilist values and with the aim of guaranteeing their availability for future generations.
We must respect the ownership and governance of land, water and other productive and natural resources such as pastures, forests, animals or minerals that ensure the subsistence of farmers, communities, fishermen, shepherds or breeders around the world.
In the province of Sofala, (Mozambique) one of the biggest problems that the population is facing is that of access to water and land tenure, especially land near water sources that allow them to practice agriculture.
The objectives of Azada Verde’s projects are to guarantee access to water and land for the beneficiary population to practice agriculture and obtain food in a sustainable way.

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